GREAT MUSIC - GREAT COMEDY
                              GREAT DRAMA - 

The show, which will comprise of fantastic original Salsa  and Rock and Roll songs,  is set in the seventies. It will include dynamic dance sequences and have the feel good factor.

The story is about Ricky Charades, a young guy plucked from obscurity in his hometown in Costa Rica and how, along with his brothers Jose, Pepe and Chico, (The Costa Rica Boys) take New York by storm with their music. This was not an easy task to have achieved as they had to appear on THE FISH WAHWAH SHOW to make this happen.

THE FISH WAHWAH SHOW, the biggest music chat show in the history of New York was every artist's ultimate dream.

Fish Wahwah, who became an icon through his own show, only has megastars. He is a comedian with an outrageous larger than life personality and has a flair for Rock and Roll.  He has a  loving relationship with - HIMSELF!

In order to do this, they have to get past Manny, the show’s producer, who is a hard-bitten self-centred creep whose number one aim is to suck up to Fish Wahwah and no one, unless they are megastars, would ever get past him to get on the show However, he does not reckon on the most unscrupulous agent in New York, Hank Fargo, who takes Ricky under his wing and, though a very likeable character, he uses every dirty trick in the book to eventually get his own way.

The show also includes an amazing dance sequence on Broadway when Ricky and the boys, on their way to rehearsals, encounter bank robbers (known as the Capones) carrying guitar cases stuffed with money; a fantastic tango dancing scene involving girl triplets; a run-in with the Latin American Mafia; hilarious goings on at the movies and backstage skirmishes with oddball characters (badly disguised as celebrities) trying to gate crash THE FISH WAHWAH SHOW and other shenanigans.

The show will end with a spectacular concert.

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