Amongst other writing projects, David is now working on  'LARRY  and I"

LARRY and I  is a Fantasy, Supernatural, Action Comedy Movie project.

This is a story about two brothers, LARRY and JOHNNY JOHNSON. They grew up in the slums of Chicago during the prohibition era.   Larry became a top lawyer.  Johnny? He became a glamour boy detective in the Chicago Police Department.  The American Mafia was at the height of its power. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, an elaborate syndicate of organized crime, built on the multi-million dollar bootlegging industry, had survived. The Mafia branched out into narcotics, gambling, prostitution, loan sharking and extortion   The Johnson boys had a great reputation in fighting these crimes.  Johnny would catch the crooks and Larry would help put them away.  It was no surprise to hear that they made more than a few enemies along the way.  Johnny was a strong character and very protective of his younger brother. They had a very close relationship. Larry was an easy going guy. He was soon to get engaged to his childhood sweetheart Susan.  But fate was to change Larry’s life, in a supernatural way ...forever.

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